A Short List of Things That Bother Me About Python

Posted on May 28, 2009

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be able to name at least 5 things you don’t like/would change about something you love. Implementation details are fair game too

The quote above is from Jesse Noller on why he thinks its important to have a few things you don’t like about something you love.

I think it’s important too, so here’s my list:

        - This is more of just a geeky wish rather than an actual gripe. I’ve never actually *needed* it, but have often wished I had it so that I could play with and prototype syntax and grammar changes.

So there you have it. However, I must admit that I haven’t contributed to the Python core or any of its standard libraries. I have only written one little hack script that I “open-sourced” to get my feet wet with working with open source software. I’m mostly nerd-shy I guess. Do I expect anyone to actually implement any of my ideas? Not in the least bit. Will any of these gripes keep me from working with Python for a living? No. Maybe I’ll be convinced to try submitting patches for them some day. Until then however, I can only hope that maybe someone might agree with me in some capacity. Python is great, but I do agree that without some doubt or reservations you might just be lacking self awareness and capacity for improvement.