Canadian Election 2008

Posted on Oct 14, 2008

This election is a joke.

First of all, it was called by Prime Minister Stephen Harper under the premise that his parliament wasn’t productive and he needed a majority representation in order to make progress. This is a logical idea, but it’s not a very democratic one. If the Prime Minister was operating in good faith of the people he represents and the members of parliament were all actively doing the same, then he wouldn’t need a majority government. The power bestowed by the office of the Prime Minister is not for individuals to press forward any agenda. This is a democracy.

My second major complaint has been the manner in which election campaigns have been conducted in recent years. I had grown up thinking that Canada was a rational country with mostly neutral political activity despite a rather rash and heated past. Today you’d think that democracy was clinically dead by observing how all the candidates have been conducting themselves. They buy smear campaigns that air constantly on television. They frame important issues in talks and debates and seemingly disregard discussing any topic that isn’t “on message.” It’s terrible and embarrassing to be a citizen in a country that claims to be democratic and yet will allow this parade of fools to go on unquestioned.

This is Canada. Why do we allow our government to make us choose between the lesser of evils? They don’t hold office over us by some divine-given right — any claim of power that they have over us is an illusion! Their positions of office are a privilege bestowed to them by us, the people of this country. If there are so few of us that have anything good to say about any of our officials representing us, why then do any of them deserve to be elected?

I tried to find a way to protest this election. There isn’t one that wouldn’t land me in jail for at least three months unfortunately. I had considered eating my ballot and willingly be arrested so as to publicize my message. Had I adequately prepared my affairs for such a situation, I would have certainly taken three months off to prove my point. However, it’s not possible right now, so instead this will be a more protracted engagement.

I suggest anyone who is unhappy with this election to consider doing something about it. We cannot stop it now, but we can certainly deal with the results. Let’s just stop talking about it over pints and actually think of something we can do — and then do it.