Canadians are Finally Understanding the Internet

Posted on Nov 12, 2007

via slashdot:

It appears the RCMP will discontinue the pursuit of file-sharing cases. Their reason is that they cannot stop every single person downloading files when so many people are doing it, despite the law. They believe their resources are best used elsewhere.

I have been supporting such a maneuver for years. The law is only the law when the undeniable majority are willing to obey it. Since the number of people engaging in filesharing over the Internet for personal use has only increased over the years in spite of the law and efforts of enforcement; a new approach must be taken. There is no law anyone is willing to obey and there are not enough police officers to arrest everyone.

This is a bold and resilient move for Canadians. Good on them for not being bullied any more by the copyright cartels. Here’s to a brighter future and a healthier Internet.