Going to Japan

Posted on Jun 26, 2008

It’s almost official — I’m going to Japan! The only thing that is close to getting in the way is my passport. What should have been a relatively easy task has become a rather difficult endeavor, but I hope to resolve it soon. I’m assured that if I really needed to, I could pay the government a little “kick in the ass” fee to get them to process my documents faster. I’m not too worried though; I’m already way too excited!

I’m planning to go for a couple weeks in July. I’m going to stay at a ryokan in the heart of Tokyo. It’s sort of a traditional Japanese style inn with straw tatami floors and futon mats! Hopefully I’ll be there in time to catch the Fuji Rock festival, the pride parade, and have enough time to soak it all in. Two weeks is probably not long enough to get a real feel for a place, but it’ll have to do.

I’ll be sure to blog my experience. I’ll post the details on where to follow my adventures here soon.

Until then.. counting down the days. :)


My travel site just went up! Check out jimgoestojapan.com to follow my exploits and see lots of cool photos and videos I will be posting. 21 more days! :)