Joyent Slingshot: Apollo for Rails

Posted on Mar 23, 2007

I’m sorry to post this, I really am. I like Joyent and what they do; and even sent them an email with a plea to work for them. Maybe one day I will work for them. I loves me my Textdrive hosting and all the Joyent Core services that come with it. It’s good stuff, Joyent is a great company, and I know this post is not going to be flattering.

Recently, I wrote about Apollo, and days later Slingshot comes out. Slingshot, it seems, is doing the exact same thing as Apollo — just exclusively for Rails developers. They tout the same benefits and pretty much the same features. And they will most definitely share the same short-comings.

How many more people are going to have the same idea? Maybe it’s a Windows/OS X thing. Maybe they all missed the open-source train and think the world needs products like these.

So in the name of education, feed on these links:

There are probably more out there that I don’t have time to list. The Internet is vast — search it and ye shall find.

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