Mars Now!

Posted on Jun 03, 2008

Luddites, radical politicos, and the self-righteous be damned — we need to colonize Mars. Yes, we are extincting species left and right with the way we have been handling things on Earth. More importantly, we’re not far from being next on the list. Whoever thinks it is our duty to protect the Earth is in a dire need of a reality check — just ask George Carlin.

We are about as significant to Earth as the bacteria that might or might not be surviving on Mars. In Earth’s four-billion year history it has suffered far worse blights than the human race. Life here has lived on through mass-extinctions on scales we can’t even comprehend. The fact that we’re here is a complete and random accident (though wonderful and very interesting). Who’s to say that one day another life form won’t rise up out of the biosphere and annihilate us without thinking? We’re talking about survival here. The bacteria on Mars may get the short end of the stick, but guess who’s the bigger, badder species?
Warren Ellis makes a point][]. We need to go to Mars. We’re going to need more space to continue to grow. It’s time we stop thinking about it as fantasy and make it a reality. There was a time after all when the Earth was flat.

Warren Ellis makes a point]: