More Mouseless Productivity

Posted on Apr 09, 2007

In furtherance of my efforts to increase my productivity, I bring you two wonderful new applications to manage your calendar. And best of all, neither requires a mouse.

The first is Remind by Roaring Penguin Software. This has to be, by far, the most flexible calendar-slash-reminder system in existence. The Remind wiki (hosted by the productivity-loving 43Folders site) documents all the wonderful things you can do with such a simple (yet deceptively complex) little program.

The second is a front-end for Remind for us Mutt lovers. It’s called Wyrd and it provides a curses-based front-end to Remind that will look familiar to anyone who’s used a GUI-based calendar application before. It allows you to view your Reminder entries in a chronological calendar view complete with a riff of features familiar to Mutt users. Very powerful, very handy. And it loads super fast.

Hopefully with these two powerful tools you’ll find yourself better organized. You no longer have to reach for a mouse or fill out extensive forms with “required” fields in order to add a simple reminder. You’ll also have the load-time benefit and small memory footprint for those on older computers. And lastly, the script-able power of Remind powering Wyrd should satisfy the most hard-core calendaring needs.