My New Policy on Misogyny

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

Here’s an idea for a new social experiment. I will wear a shirt that clearly states, “If I hear you make a sexist, misogynist, or dumb dick joke I will punch you in the face with violence.” I will then attend as many tech conferences that I can. I think it will be telling how many I get thrown out of and how many will refuse to even allow me entry once they get wind of what I am up to.

At least I can rest assured that the organizers of the conference will keep my identity a secret so that nobody will know it was me. Then I can go on to the next conference. And continue punching misogynists in the face.

Are you a misogynist and a victim of a face-punch? You’ll just have to report that privately to the conference organizers. We don’t want there to be a public out-cry over face-punching. It would look bad on all of us and we’d all lose.

It won’t bother me though. I AM FACE PUNCHER.