Posted on Jun 11, 2010

I suppose I should be thanking and cursing BoingBoing for reviewing Picross3D earlier this week. I haven’t been getting much done since I picked it up yesterday. And I’ve been having a blast doing it. I think.

The thing is, hours disappear with this game. Quite literally. I’ve woken up in a gutter twice since I bought it. All stubble faced, drooling and delerious. Each time I picked myself up, got home, and cleaned up; it would be right there waiting. Then it would happen again. I couldn’t stop myself.

It’s hard to explain the game in words and even harder to explain the elation one experiences after solving a few puzzles. Sudoku has nothing on this game. Right from the start it takes your hand and leads you on a journey. From the moment you tap away those first few blocks, the puzzle reveals new truths that you must reason about. Somewhere underneath the surface is the answer and the game is there every step of the way to lead you down the path to enlightenment.

I agree with the BoingBoing post. This is a game you tend to have a conversation with. You will form a relationship with the puzzle. And it will reward you for finding the answer. If you’re like me and your DS has been collecting dust in the past couple of years, pick this game up. It will certainly blow your mind.

I only wish it came on paper…