Program Outdoors

Posted on May 31, 2010


I work from home full-time. I like my home office. I have a nice comfy chair, a great keyboard, a big desk, a window, cats, and all the creature comforts I could ask for. Yet after working in the same room day in and out I started to get the sense that my office is just an environmentally-regulated box in which I work. Static. Messy. I feel suffocated and trapped. Isolated.

The nice weather has begun to settle in. It’s warmer outside. The birds are chirping. The trees and flowers have reached full bloom. It’s bright, the air moves, and there are noises everywhere. The world is alive and dynamic on the other side of my tiny office window.

I want to be out there.

It’s not as comfortable as my office desk, but I’ve taken my laptop out on the balcony. In the mornings when the sun isn’t shining directly on it the balcony is a great place to work! Offices can become dreary places to waddle out the hours of your life. They can become hopeless and miserable sometimes. Especially in the summer, why waste away those precious moments of your life huddled away in a box; cut off from the life and energy teeming all around you? The connection and freedom I feel working outside is invigorating and keeps the mind sharp.

So if you have the opportunity try taking your laptop outside and find a nice shady spot. Sit down and put thought to keyboard. Breathe the fresh air. Listen to the hum of life in the background.