Reasons to Hire Someone with a Mohawk

Posted on Feb 19, 2007

The mohawk has to be one of the most unambiguous haircuts in human history. It’s a spiky aggressive strip of defiance. It stands out in a crowd. It tells people to get out of your way. Think of Rhodesian ridge-back dogs that were bred to hunt lions. You don’t want to be in the way of a beast whose job is messing with bigger, badder species.

First, if the person you’re thinking of hiring has a mohawk; chances are they got it because they don’t want to fit in. They’ve got a rebel streak and don’t hide it. They stick it in your face and make themselves stand out on purpose. This is the kind of person who’s likely to be passionate, innovative, and creative; they won’t be bound by procedures and standard practices for the sake of conformity. If they feel there’s a better way to do something, they will certainly make it known.

Rebellious personalities also tend to be leader types or at least have the potential. They are generally confident in their ideas and don’t back down from them in the face of authority. They’ll challenge the status quo. Where others operate by being told what to do; the mohawkified employee will likely be most comfortable making decisions and taking initiative. Think about it: they’re usually loud and stand out in a crowd. Nobody told them to do that.

So when you’re sitting across from someone wearing a mohawk in an interview, don’t just think about how goofy they look. They’re confident enough to sport it and have people gawk at them and ask silly questions. If they’re sitting across from you answering your questions, they’ve got attitude just being there. They could be your next star employee.