Running a Startup is Really Hard

Posted on Jun 19, 2007

Getting a startup off the ground is hard. Extremely hard. It’s a mind-blowing roller-coaster. It’s a whirlwind ride juggling a million different concerns during all hours of your life. It’s draining and downright depressing at its worst, yet uplifting, rewarding, and satisfying at its best. It’s always a huge risk and there is never a dull moment.

Justin Kruger gives us reasons on why not to do a startup.

From my experience, I tend to agree with a lot of what he has to say. Three years after starting my record label, I am finally making the final payment on my business loan and sweeping the heart-breaking remnants of that experience under the rug. I’m still technically a freelance software developer and am becoming quite successful at it; but at times it has been extremely stressful and I wanted nothing more than to find a stable nine-to-five-and-no-brains type job.

Thankfully, I’m not capable of settling down into an easy groove. I’m too subversive and radical in my thinking. I’ve made mistakes, paid my dues, and will try again for sure. It may not be for everyone, so if you’re thinking about getting into a startup but aren’t sure… you’re probably not ready for it.