Trying a New Look

Posted on Nov 25, 2008

Well I decided that my blog needed to get a little face-lift. You might see things change here and there as I tweak things a little. The theme is called, Dojo and for the most part I am quite happy with it. If anyone is looking for a web designer, I would suggest looking at the theme author’s site.

I’m also hoping I can make the transition from being a blog almost exclusive to the Internet and technology to something more general where I can write about the other things that interest me. Hopefully the shift won’t cause Google, Technorati, and others to get too confused.

In the meantime if anyone has comments or suggestions for me, you can always reach me at james plus my domain name. A word of caution; I’m experiencing a higher-than-usual level of spam thanks to bots grabbing my address off of usenet. If I take a little more than a day to get back to you, it’s because I’m having to sift through a hundred spam emails before I notice yours (or worse, my aggressive spam filter marks your message). Take it easy folks and I’ll do my best to get this transition over with ASAP.