Upgraded to Feisty Fawn

Posted on Apr 23, 2007

I upgraded my Ubuntu installation (my current primary operating system) to the new “Feisty Fawn” 7.10 release. For the most part this was a rather painless experience. It was no where near the trouble of upgrading from Breezy Badger to Edgy Eft for example. For some reason, past distributions of Ubuntu didn’t upgrade between major releases very well… but I’m happy to report that they’ve finally got it right.

In order to begin your upgrade, just type the following command:

sudo apt-get update -d

And type in your password at the prompt.

Then you just press the “upgrade” button, click through a couple dialog boxes and you’re off. The process takes just over an hour depending on your connection speeds. Come back to it some part way through because the installer will ask if it’s allowed to over-write your “firefoxrc” file. Since I made no modifications to the file, I said it was cool. Results may vary.

The installation however, isn’t perfect. You may find some libraries missing if you’re a python programmer. You may also find some of your applications not working due to some missing libraries (like getmail for example). It’s generally an easy fix though and only requires you to go through apt-get or synaptic to re-install them (or in the case of some third-party python libraries — you’ll have to go the easy_install route).

Enjoy the new Feisty Fawn!


I’ve found the reason why many of your python packages and libraries may be suddenly missing is because Ubuntu deprecated python2.4 from it’s tree and you’ll find only python2.5 in your sys.path…