Why Dell and Purolator Suck

Posted on May 15, 2007

I cannot be the only one who has a hate-on for Dell or Purolator right now. With Dell recently announcing it’s giving into the Microshaft patent scam and Purolator delivering packages 3 times when you’re not home before notifying you — one must wonder how these companies get so big in the first place. I am in hell people. And their customer service doesn’t even care about my plight.

First, I’m only hating Dell right now by proxy. The real culprit is Purolator, but Dell suffers for choosing such partners to do business with. Although their customer service representative on the phone didn’t really win over any points. I had called them after getting off the phone with Purolator to see if they could change the shipping address to my office. A simple request that would apparently take 5 extra business days to complete. The representative sounded completely disaffected and uninterested in solving the problem I was having…

The problem started at Purolator. They had attempted to ship me a box from Dell (apparently) two times by Friday (I had only received notice for one). Despite their depot being so very much out of my way; I decided to head there to pick up my packages as instructed. After going through the trouble of getting there, I asked for my packages and got to gaze upon them over the counter. Then I was asked for photo identification.

Now, call me crazy, but I don’t drive and have never traveled outside of Canada and the US. So I have no photo identification. So far it generally works fine for me as I believe it should; all it takes to forge one is some Photoshop and a trip to Staples. I would never suspect that the only thing guarding my packages was a glance from the shipping clerk on some forged identification. However, I didn’t come completely unprepared as I did bring a recent piece of mail; which is generally good enough to let me vote for my next Prime Minister… why isn’t it good enough to pick up my packages?

Did I just commit B&E, stole a delivery notice, and am on my way to committing yet another crime by committing fraud openly?

However, despite my protestations I was dismissed almost immediately from the Purolator depot. Without a thinking for a second, the clerk just ruined my day (and the subsequent days up to this post) and pushed my packages back into their secret base. I was on the brink of utter defeat when the clerk offered (in a rather annoyed tone) to redeliver the packages.

The sheer idiocy wasn’t missed.

I agreed. I waited. I made it back to my apartment ten minutes after the delivery man left. I was livid. I called. Nothing they could do today except try again tomorrow. I called Dell. Told if I wanted to change the shipping address to my office, I’d have to wait a whole five business days. Called Purolator back. Told they couldn’t ship again and the packages would be returned to Dell. Pleaded with a very reluctant customer service representative. Got “lucky” — it may be possible that they’ll try to deliver once more between the hours of 8am and 5pm tomorrow, but no guarantees.


But wait… I work for a living. Full time. I can’t take a day off from work just to wait for these people to deliver a package to me.

To say the least, I am NEVER ordering anything from Dell again until they give me the option of which company will handle the shipping. I am SO NOT EVER IN A MILLION YEARS going to consider doing business with Purolator. Canada Post has FAR BETTER service. I’m not kidding.

So screw you Purolator and Dell. Last dollar I spend with either of you.